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Basketball Game

Proudly represented by Bromhead Holdings

Highlight Games create unique, innovative sports games made using exclusive real video footage featuring real stars, real action and real match commentary.

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Highlight Games provide the gaming industry with adaptable product formats for retail betting shops, online and mobile. The games are designed to sit in and around sportsbook, giving operators the opportunity to decide on the betting markets and payout levels that work for their players driving substantial incremental revenue. Whilst targeting the real money gambling markets, the games can also be adapted for social, and free to play markets.

Basketball Players


Highlight’s exclusive basketball products combine iconic archive video footage and commentary, resulting in unique, fast-paced gaming events.

Soccer Player


Featuring players and teams from Europe’s top football leagues, SOCCERBET combines unforgettable action, stars and commentary from the world’s favourite game.

NBA Last 60 is available with usual bet markets and are playable 24/7 with flexible RTP levels in line with operator requirements.

NBA Last 60 ROW Demo

SOCCERBET is available with usual betting markets, and also with additional innovative options like yellow/red cards.  This exclusive product also has the capability to offer in-play betting.

Soccerbet English LeagueUK Decimal Odds Demo

Soccerbet English Single Decimal Odds Demo

Soccerbet Italian League

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